About us

Founder Rob Korten

A MSc. in Environmental Science, Mr Korten is a specialist in renewable energy and biobased business with a large professional network of governmental organizations, universities, energy research institutes, suppliers of renewable energy systems and energy suppliers. Mr Korten’s network is able to energize green business by engaging this network of expertise for extraordinary results. Mr Korten is responsible for the project management and administration of several renewable energy projects. His expertise includes projects in biogas, biodiesel, ethanol, biomass incineration, photovoltaics and other renewable energy sources.

Renewable Salland Foundation

Mr Korten has been on the committee of Netherlands Association of Environmental Professionals (VVM) for ten years, a diverse network of about 2,000 policymakers in the civil service, industry, executives, professionals, academics and trainees and is now is the chairman of Stichting Duurzaam Salland (Renewable Salland Foundation), whose mandate it is to make the Dutch region of Salland CO2 neutral in 2030. In 2012 alone, the foundation was involved with (amongst other things) in total 1.5 MW solar projects with the support of the Dutch province of Overijssel.

Since 2010, Mr Korten has his own company: Adbrevio. Adbrevio is committed to assist and facilitate the sustainable development of agribusiness, with a focus on (but not limited to) the Netherlands/Europe. The company does so by empowering the agricultural and biobased sector, amongst others by providing technical assistance, project support, chain management improvement, business development and investment planning to governments and private sector enterprises.


In 2007, Mr Korten initiated Holland Biomass 4 Energy Solutions and www.biobased-business.eu. These are collaborations of several companies, manufacturing (turn-key) biomass conversion units on a farm scale and larger. The partners are involved in the realisation of biodiesel plants, ethanol production plants, biogas plants, pyrolyses plants, biomass-2-chemicals fermentation plants, biomass incineration plants and combinations of these and other biobased technologies. In addition, the group draws expertise from a wide network of consultants, providing up to date knowledge, including biomass production (e.g. rape seed, corn, wood, algae), biomass pelletising and waste reduction. The group supports customers in every phase of a biomass project, from orientation to exploitation.

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